Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex Rooster

A fine old breed

The Sussex is an English heavy breed of chicken first appearing in the early 1800s. The Speckled Sussex is a mahogany brown with white tips to it's feathers giving it the "speckled" appearance. Famous in it's native England as a table fowl around the mid 1800s it was highly sought after at the London Poultry Market. The spurless roosters average 9lbs with hens a respectable 7lbs. They are a broad breasted, flat-backed bird, alert with a charming personality and excellent foraging ability.

Speckled Sussex Hen with chicks

Sussex hens can go broody and make good mothers.  A trait that has been bred out of modern breeds due to it's interference with production of eggs. Ginger sat on a clutch of 25 eggs and hatched 18!   The mothering instinct is strong for the first month while she protects them, teaches them how to forage and defends them aggressively against all threats.

They are quite docile and easily tamed, especially if you work with them as youngsters. Several hens have become friendly enough to eat out of your hand. The breed now has a "Recovering" status on the ALBC's Conservation Priority List thanks to the breeders who have taken an interest in preserving this heritage breed.

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